About The Author…

In the beauty industry, on social media platforms—and among colleagues, clients and trainees, Judith is best known for her innovative sales and marketing campaigns, motivational management and leadership style, modern training strategies, first-to-market programs… and warm, collaborative work style.

Judith is a twenty-five year beauty industry professional who has held national and global level executive tenures with  cosmetic power-houses, high-end retailers, medical spa franchisors and direct-selling companies, including: Elizabeth Arden, Avon Products, Nu Skin Enterprises, Calvin Klein Fragrances, Dayton Hudson Corporation, Colorscience and Solana MedSpas.

More recently, Ms. Sikora was Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for GS Cosmeceutical, a contract cosmeceutical lab and a VP of Sales, Marketing and Education for a direct-sell, designer handbag company, Beijo.

In 2010, Ms. Sikora founded MJ Consulting CO, also known as ‘MJC’ and took her nearly three-decades of expertise and hands-on experience to companies in an executive consulting capacity. In 2011 she returned to Beijo as Chief Marketing-Communications Consultant and today, in 2012, provides Sales and Training Development support at Belcorp USA (the U.S. division of a billion dollar global leader in the direct-selling beauty sector.)

Judith has a unique understanding and insight into beauty, fashion, esthetics and personal style.  Over the past 2 decades she has provided individual skincare, makeup and image consulting to thousands of mall shoppers at company beauty events held throughout the United States.

Today, she continues to offer her best practices and strategic expertise to beauty, fashion and luxury goods manufacturers. As a writer, blogger and social media enthusiast, Judith hopes to make this same expertise available to her extended network of virtual friends and colleagues across the globe. If her blogs create one more moment of joy, prosperity or confidence for someone…somewhere, Judith can lay her head down at night, with a smile.

Visit Ms. Sikora’s consulting website below to learn more!



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